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The Changing Paradigm
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Welcome to Morningstar Productions, home of the  show "The Changing Paradigm", hosted by Dr. Patricia Hill.

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The Changing Paradigm and Seeking the Divine

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The Changing Paradigm
Before anyone even knew what the term 'Paradigm" meant, Dr. Patricia Hill began to see a shift in consciousness that was changing the world and the way that we see it. This long running show has explored the rapid and profound changes that have been taking place since the early 1990's and features the people who are creating those changes. The show covers everything from spirituality to technology to the environment to alternative medicine, and Dr. Hill has interviewed the leaders in all of those fields. Ahead of the curve in many areas,  The Changing Paradigm has been influential in even creating shifts in consciousness and in encouraging people to explore new ideas and possibilities.

Seeking the Divine

Seeking the Divine is a television interview show that focuses on the multitude of different paths within spirituality.  Leaders from many different religious and spiritual disciplines are featured for an in depth look at their own unique traditions and practices while exploring the similarities and the differences with other traditions. Interspirituality and interdenominational cooperation are emphasized with the hope of creating understanding, oneness and peace in a troubled world.

Video on demand!
View the webcast of
The Changing Paradigm and Seeking the Divine

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Interview with Dr. Kenneth Pelletier,
a professor of alternative medicine
at Stanford UniversityMedical School

"Although I have known Patricia Hill for many years in different capacities and settings, my most recent contact was a television interview that she conducted with me about 2 years ago in Aspen, Colorado. From that most recent experience, it is clear to me that Patricia is always very well prepared in her interviews, is very articulate and insightful as well s engaging, has a long standing positive reputation among leaders in the alternative and integrative medicine fields, and has her own deep experience and intellectual grasp of the complex issues. Without a doubt, Patricia is one of the best individuals with whom I have had the opportunity to discuss such issues in a televised, interview format. That includes television interviews that I have had with Katie Couric, Jane Pauley, Tom Brokaw, Charlie Gibson, Bryant Gumbel and other major media anchors so Patricia is in very good company!" - Dr Kenneth R Pelletier

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